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      Thinkalink radio spot on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire - Part 1

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      Thinkalink radio spot on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire - Part 2

    • BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright

      'Website of the Week' - 12th Sept 08

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      Thinkalink spot on the BBC's flagship childrens radio programme - 4th Jan 09

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      Interview by Danny Pike promoting the Scholastic book - 9th May '11

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      Thinkalink radio spot on Capital radio with Johnny Vaughan and Denise Van Outen


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      Thinkalink radio spot on Southern FM


    • Alex McGrath - Deputy Head, Trent College

      'Andy's energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and he managed to pitch his message for the whole school from Year 2 to Year 13. Over a full day he kept us all entertained with an interactive performance. Students of all ages were keen to try out his methods in class, and the feedback from them has been that this was a fun and challenging method of learning facts, spellings, or formulae. With Andy's encouragement, the pupils are devising their own methods based on his ideas.'

    • Andrew Wood - Study Skills Master, Eastbourne College

      'The passion and energy that Andy has is immediately evident. Our whole year 9 of about 100 boys and girls were engaged, enthused and entertained during a 3hr session of ‘linking’. This is a meaningful time in which to explore this area of learning skills. The concept of association through linking is a powerful and fun technique for improving the memory of key facts. Equally it can be incredibly helpful with those pupils who find spelling a real challenge. An interactive website (‘thinkalink’) supports the work that Andy does with the pupils and is a useful tool for pupils to use independently or for teachers to use within a teaching and learning environment. We shall certainly be doing some follow up work next term by using the thinkalink website. Andy was quick to build a rapport with our pupils and soon had everyone joining in. ‘Is it in? Is it in? You know it is!’

    • Barbara Yandell - British Dyslexia Association

      'Think- a -Link is one of the most innovative and refreshing new concepts to come on the market. Some of the principles of how it works are not new, but what Think-a-Link does is to push those spelling and memory techniques to levels that other programmes daren’t tackle. Think-a-Link is helping dyslexic children to develop their own ‘links’ and strategies to deal with the big complicated words as well as throwing some light on the smaller 'usual suspects'. I didn't think it would ever be possible to teach a dyslexic child or adult how to spell ‘diarrhoea’ or ‘haemorrhage’, until now, that is. And that’s just the spelling element of Thinkalink! There is also the memory booster for dates, historical details, meaning of words etc, all remembered by ‘linking’. You can compete with others on line to find the best ‘link’ too. A fantastic new tool for the specialist teacher’s tool box.'

    • Carol Vorderman

      'Nice site!!!'

    • Denise Van Outen - Capital Radio

      'It's brilliant!!'

    • Dominic Floyd - Headmaster Ashdown House, E Sussex

      Andy Salmon has been an outstanding success at Ashdown.  He has enthused the staff with his energy, his passionate approach to learning and his desire to make teaching fun and memorable for children.  Not only that, his wonderful sense of humour and fresh approach created a constructive and enjoyable two hour inset.  The children not surprisingly adored his approach to learning and his character.  Armed with numerous methods, many of our children have spent their time recently thinking up new links and ideas of remembering important information.  They loved the workshops and the competitive element of trying to find the best link.  They have undoubtedly benefited from Andy's forward thinking and taken on board all the advice he has given them.

    • Dominic O'Brien - 8 times World Memory Champion

      ‘Your website & potential book are original and the idea of inviting links from the public is novel. I think it’s an extremely engaging initiative. Anything that can encourage and engage people of any age, in particular to use their imagination and mnemonics in this way, has to be a good thing. I think it’s great that you managed to get Bill Stott to do the cartoons. Good luck with it all!’

    • Dr John Moore - Deputy Head, Putney High

      'The Thinkalink day was a great opportunity for the girls to gain some techniques that will help them remember and organise their factual knowledge. Teachers in the sessions have made use of some of the techniques in subjects as diverse as Mandarin (to help remember Chinese characters), History (to remember key dates) and Geography (we can all now recite the 10 largest countries in the world!). Sessions were lively and fun for all ages - Years 5 & 6 loved the Letter Linking in particular whilst older girls enjoyed the challenge of thinking of links and the energy of the presentations. We packed a lot into the day and it was well worth it!'

    • Gareth Mann - History Master, Eton College

      'Andy Salmon is a passionate and talented communicator who has come up with an engaging and interesting product. He presented 'ThinkaLink' to a group of over 500 sixth form boys at Eton College in April 2009 and their reaction was overwhelmingly positive; those I talked to afterwards had all picked up several 'links' and enjoyed playing around with the ideas. This could hardly be more important during the exam season. Andy himself was enthusiastic without being trying, supremely organised and on top of his game, and a genuine pleasure to meet. He and ThinkaLink come highly recommended.'

    • Geoff Riley - Economics Master, Eton College

      'The boys were very enthusiastic when they came into my lesson immediately after the assembly - Andy got their energy levels up superbly.'

    • Harry Hastings - Cumnor House School

      'Andy Salmon is extremely charismatic, entertaining and thought-provoking. His INSET about Thinkalink was brilliant and gave us all lots to think about. The children will benefit enormously from his services.'

    • Jackie Berry - Editor of children's magazine 'Aquila'

      'Great fun for children with lively minds'

    • Joan Colby - Balby Carr Community College, Doncaster

      Just wanted to let you know, I have had some excellent lessons today, after the visit of 'Andy Salmon - Sir Linkalot'. The students really enjoyed the sessions they attended yesterday and have taken on board many of the strategies he introduced by linking - finding the 'tricky bits' in words and using a link to remember how to spell words they would have never attempted before. I was delighted to see many of my students have the confidence to spell words out loud in front of their peers, many of them being severely dyslexic and usually lacking in confidence to ever attempt anything like this. Every student I have spoken to today enjoyed Andy's visit and, most of all, have remembered many of the strategies (links) they were taught, (demonstrating this in my class today). An excellent day enjoyed by many.

    • Johnny Vaughan - Capital Radio

      ‘I love it!!’

    • Kate Fasset - Daily Telegraph Crossword Editor

      'A fun and witty way to exercise the brain.'

    • Mark Shillam - The Times Features Editor

      'Amazingly imaginative'

    • Martin Walker - Modern Languages Master, Harrow School

      'Andy Salmon’s Thinkalink website is an extremely useful innovation in education which can be used to inspire new ways of thinking and revising.'

    • Michael Rumbelow - Skillswise BBC

      Thinkalink is a very interesting resource, a fascinating and fun means of memorising and visualising words. Anxiety over spelling can really sap people's confidence in their own literacy and these linking methods are a tremendous way to boost confidence and literacy in an enjoyable, meaningful way. 

    • Michael Rumbelow, Skillswise BBC

      Thinkalink is a very interesting resource, a fascinating and fun means of memorising and visualising words. Anxiety over spelling can really sap people's confidence in their own literacy and these linking methods are a tremendous way to boost confidence and literacy in an enjoyable, meaningful way. 

    • Rod Liddle


    • Russell Taylor - Daily Telegraph cartoonist 'Alex'

      'Clever and fun'

    • Simon Hemelryk - Commissioning Editor at Reader's Digest

      'It makes learning fun.'

    • Stephen Loxton - Sherborne Girls

      'Andy Salmon gives a powerful and stimulating interactive presentation - full of fun and offering a vital tool for students to employ in their learning. It was action-packed, entertaining and highly engaging. Andy offers a new take on the business of learning and the students really profit.'

    • Stephen Price - Inclusion Manager Oasis Academy Mayfield, Soton

      Andy Salmon (aka Sir Linkalot) gave a 90 minute presentation about linking and its applications to our teachers, followed by a day of workshops with all of our children (11 to 16 yr olds). He really captured the audience like I have never seen before. I was present at two of the workshops and many children who are really struggling with education bought in to it immediately, joining in whenever they could. He even had a few potential 'Permanent Exclusion' children sitting up taking note and participating which, quite frankly, blew me away. 

      The teachers have already started using Andy's take on linking in their lessons which is great to see. Only last week a teacher stood up in one of our meetings, out of the blue, and said that she was very sceptical before meeting Andy but has since tried it out with her son for his A Level Physics with great results. They both absolutely loved the concept of linking. It knows no bounds! 

      We are getting Andy back in on a regular basis to work with the children who are finding literacy very difficult, as I strongly believe he will be able to help them where others have failed. Linking is a real shot in the arm for these students and I can't wait to see the results. He is a breath of fresh air.

    • Steve Wright - Radio 2 'Website of the Week'

      'Knowledge remembered by using corny puns and jokes.....we like it!'

    • Susie Worthington - Headmistress, Haberdashers' Aske's Girls Junior

      'Andy's assembly and subsequent workshops brightened up a dull February morning and gave the girls some intriguing new strategies for remembering facts. Linking has taken on a whole new meaning in their vocabulary.'

    • www.horizoninteractiveawards.com

      'New, fresh and unique'


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